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Published: 26th June 2006
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A Patch is a small cloth badge affixed to a garment as a decoration or an insignia, as of a military, Below are steps for making good patches:-

1. Look at your original artwork/embroidery design to have an idea to get the final shape of the Patch.

2. The blank Patches available there are not in our use here. We have to do them ourself.If you want to do yourself, you have to think first about the material to be used as BASE. For some materials, different than normal digitizing settings are required like compensation, density, stitches appearance (Satin or Step/Tatami) etc.

3. Digitize the design keeping the idea of creation in your mind. You should know what type of outline you have to add, embroidered or overlocked. If the patch has to be sewn lately on the jacket and the sewing line is outside the patch, you have to add an extra line of Running stitches as a reference cutting line. This line should be about 5mm. Sometimes, the patch is overlocked at the outer line and the Resultant Patch is sewn between embroidered line and overlock.In this case, you can use the same line to overlock the patch.

4. Make a sample of your digitized file to confirm the required result. You can edit the design at this point if there is something to be edited. Make sure every aspect of the design is acceptable.

5. Set a single sheet of Base material (back attached with Fusing by Heated Roller or Ironing) on the machine parallel to no.of heads. Now, set your machine for space and direction with all the normally required settings to repeat the same stitching for the number of patches you need. You just have to check thread breakage.

6. Press the whole sheet of patches by pressing in the Roller.You can cut the sheet in maller pieces to press them with iron. If you have to make the patch Hard, fix the hardening stuff with any adhesive on the back and press with care to avoid any damage to the embroidered side.

7. If the patch has Embroidered Outline, cut along it with a good scissors and use a Soldering Iron to smooth/soften edges.

8. Overlock the patch edges if it has to be overlocked.

9. Check all the produced Patches for any Trimming or Cleaning .

10. The patches are ready for your customer or for the sewing on the jacket etc. This is the way we do Patches which is almost the same for Badges and Emblems.

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